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About this site

When my children were learning to read and write I searched everywhere for a font which matched the handwriting style they were being taught at school. There didn't seem to be any, at least none that were affordable for a parent.

Later as a family learning tutor I worked with parents and children in several local primary schools. I wanted to use fonts for worksheets and activities which would match the varied styles used by the schools, particularly the cursive writing style with an entry stroke which several schools used.

Eventually I decided to make my own handwriting style font. My first attempt involved scanning a sample of my own handwriting and sending it to a website to be turned into a font. I was disappointed with the result. I had written my handwriting sample very carefully and thought all my letters were neat and the same height, but the finished font looked very messy! In the end I decided to buy some font editing software and have a go at tidying it up. After many hours of effort I had produced a quite reasonable font in the correct style.

I looked for an easy way to convert my font into a dotted style, but in the end I had to spend ages editing each individual character using my new font software and copying and pasting little dots into place to make up each letter. I got quite carried away and moved on to arrow fonts and styles with handwriting guidelines too.

That's how it all started. I ended up creating several fonts so that I could match the styles in each of the schools where I teach. Now my range has expanded as schools have asked for different combinations of letters and new styles.

If the style used in your school is slightly different to the fonts offered here, contact us and send me a description (or better still scan in a picture and attach it to an email). I will do my best to adapt a font to suit you. I don't usually charge extra for this as it helps me to improve the range of fonts I can offer to other schools, but the time taken varies depending on my workload.