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Cursive Writing Articles

If you're interested in cursive writing (since you're here, I have to assume that you are!), check out these articles which I've found on the subject. They present a variety of different views and tips on handwriting for adults and children.

  • Learning to Write
    Learning to write is a part of growing up. We start off by scribbling and doodling and this helps us to get used to holding a pencil. Most young kids are fascinated by just being able to make a mark on a piece of paper.
  • Adult Handwriting Tips
    It is never too late to develop good handwriting skills. Today's adults pay little attention to their handwriting since there a few instances that require one to hand write. Once in a while, however, circumstances require a handwritten note and only then do people realize that they have problems with writing.
  • Tips for teaching handwriting
    Since we can all write, handwriting is something that virtually all parents can teach their children, provided they still remember the correct formation of each letter. This article contains practical tips by an experienced homeschooling parent.
  • Has cursive writing fallen from grace?
    Cursive writing flows across the paper like a magical song reverberating through the strings of a harp. Cursive lettering is more difficult than block lettering (or casual style writing). Lines, loops, spirals and swirls work rhythmatically in slants and rollercoaster hoops.