Cursive Writing - handwriting fonts for UK schools
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Handwriting Fonts

One of the easiest ways to teach children early handwriting skills is to use a handwriting font to make your own worksheets. The first word most children will learn to write is their own name. It's would be difficult (well, probably impossible) to find a ready-made handwriting book with your child's own name in it, but it's easy to make your own when you have a handwriting font installed on your computer. The sample below was produced using Word Art in Microsoft Word (although wiggly handwriting guidelines are probably not a good idea for beginners!)

Handwriting Fonts for UK schools

To help children learn handwriting skills we offer different styles of font. You can start off with an outline style which can be printed in large sizes for children to colour in or trace over. Our arrow style handwriting fonts show children where to start each letter, where to change direction and where to lift the pencil off the paper.

Once the starting positions and writing movements have been grasped you can move on to the dotted style. For children who are struggling to get their letter heights consistent there is a lined style which has handwriting guidelines to indicate how tall to make small letters like a, o and c, and to indicate the size of ascenders and descenders.

All of our font types are offered with different letter styles to match the writing styles used in most UK schools. For more information, click the picture which most closely matches the handwriting style used by your child's school.

CCW Precursive 1 handwriting font CCW Precursive 2 handwriting font

CCW Precursive 3 handwriting font CCW Precursive 4 handwriting font

CCW Cursive 1 handwriting font CCW Cursive 2 handwriting font

CCW Cursive 3 handwriting font CCW Cursive 4 handwriting font

CCW Cursive 5 handwriting font CCW Cursive 6 handwriting font

CCW Cursive 7 handwriting fontCCW Cursive 8 handwriting font

CCW Cursive 9 handwriting font

Some of the font styles above have lead-in or entry strokes. These cursive handwriting styles are becoming more popular in UK schools. All the lower case letters start from the line with entry strokes to facilitate easy joining as soon as the child is ready. We offer a choice of f, x and z styles in our cursive fonts.

We also now offer a way for you to produce fully joined text in UK school handwriting styles. The JoinIt package consists of a set of fonts and a template for Microsoft Word. It couldn't be easier to use - just type, highlight then click a toolbar button to join it up.

Produce text in UK school joined up handwriting styles with the JoinIt toolbar for Microsoft Word