Cursive Writing - handwriting fonts for UK schools
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How to use our unjoined fonts fonts

These instructions apply to the unjoined cursive and precursive fonts.

Once you have downloaded your fonts and installed them on your computer they really couldn't be easier to use. You don't have to learn to use any additional software, simply use your new fonts in your existing word processor or any other program which uses your computer's fonts. The examples on this page were captured in Microsoft Word.

Choosing a font

You will be able to select your chosen font from the dropdown list of fonts in the same way as you would select Arial, Comic Sans or Times New Roman:

Font list

Now you can simply type whatever text you want to create classroom labels, posters and handwriting worksheets using your school's preferred writing style.

Changing font size

Choose a large font size (e.g. 36pt) if you are creating handwriting guides for beginners. If you have purchased the full font pack you will be able to choose whether to include starting points using the arrow font and whether to have handwriting guidelines (by choosing the lined font).

If you want to produce very large letters for display, click inside the Font Size box and type a number, instead of choosing from the dropdown size menu. For example, a font size of 440pt will produce letters which fit nicely one to an A4 page:

Font size

Changing font colour

You can of course change the colour of your typing by highlighting a letter or word and selecting a colour from the font colour menu (the icon is a capital A with a coloured line under it):

Changing the font colour

Other text effects

You can create some colourful text effects using Word Art in Microsoft Word. Click Insert - Picture - Word Art. Choose your preferred Word Art style. In the text entry box make sure you choose the font you want to use. You can get effects like this:

Word Art using Cursive Writing font

Get creative with your new fonts! If you produce something which you think other teachers might find useful, send me an email with your example attached and I'll put it up on the site for others to share.