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Joined Precursive Fonts

Precursive style letters have no lead-ins at the start of words or after a break letter. Click an image below which matches your preferred letter style for more details. If we don't currently offer an exact match for you, contact us. We are usually able to put letters together in different combinations or to redesign a letter for you.

To help you spot the differences between the fonts we have taken JoinitPC1 as the basic style, with all the letters shown in blue. Where a font has a different letter shape to that of JoinitPC1 this is picked out in red to help you spot your preferred letters.

Click your preferred alphabet below for purchase information:

JoinitPC1 - click for more information

JoinitPC2 - click for more information

JoinitPC3 - click for more information

JoinitPC4 - click for more information

JoinitPC5 - click for more information

JoinitPC6 - click for more information

JoinitPC7 - click for more information

JoinitPC8 - click for more information

Minimum system requirements for all the Joinit packages: Windows XP or later and Microsoft Word (must be full version of Microsoft Office, Joinit will not work with Office Starter Edition). Joinit will also work on a Mac if you have Microsoft Office (any version except for 2008).

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