Cursive Writing - handwriting fonts for UK schools
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School Fonts

We offer great value UK school handwriting fonts which you can download and install on your computer to create teaching and learning resources, handwriting worksheets and classroom displays. We have lots of different letter styles to choose from. All our letter styles are available as unjoined font packs or Joinit packs which work with Microsoft Word to enable you to create fully joined text. Our great value prices mean that fonts are affordable for home or school use.

Unjoined fonts include solid, dotted, dotted with handwriting guidelines, outline and dotted with arrow styles. Joinit packs allow the creation of three joined up styles - solid, dotted and dotted with guidelines.

Click an image below to see the full range:

Unjoined precursive fonts (no lead-ins)

Precursive separate letter fonts

Unjoined cursive fonts (with lead-ins)

Cursive separate letter fonts

Joined precursive style

Joined styles following on from precursive

Joined cursive style

Joined styles following on from cursive

Unjoined fonts example

Sample of Precursive 1 unjoined font pack

Most primary schools have a handwriting policy which specifies the exact style of handwriting which pupils are expected to use. Using the same school handwriting font throughout the school ensures that a consistent handwriting style is modelled and taught in each class, keeping confusion to a minimum. Classroom displays and labels can be produced which match the handwriting style which children are learning. With our packages you buy only the style of school font you need - there is no fiddling about with different settings, so no chance of choosing the wrong style by mistake.

If your school's handwriting style is slightly different from those shown here, just contact us with the full details and we'll see if we can create a new style to add to our collection.