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We have received lots of great feedback from our customers who have purchased our fonts or Joinit packages for home and school.

I am thrilled with both the cursive font and the Joinit package. The cursive fonts were so easy to install and they have been added to all the software on the computer which involves text - including the whiteboard software. I am mainly using it for worksheets and labels for displays. Parents at the school had commented that we expect the children to use the handwriting when they don't see it being used around school - how true but now that can change!! I purchased the fonts for my home computer so I could produce worksheets, but my school have now decided to purchase a site licence so everyone can access it, which is great. The website is really easy to navigate and the ordering process couldn't have been any easier. In September I look forward to creating my own handwriting sheets which I can make exactly to my own requirements. I would highly recommend your website and products to anyone who is using the cursive font at school.
K.A., Year 1 Teacher

I'm delighted with the font! I'm a fulltime teacher currently training with Dyslexia Action to be a Specialist Teacher. I'm using the font in my teaching materials. The training course is run via e-learning and I have posted a link to your website on one of the resource-sharing forums, telling everyone how impressed I am with the product and the service!...I'm delighted with the lower cost and the ease of downloading (rather than buying on CD Rom).
Sara Edgar, Cundall Manor School

I am delighted with the font...I have been searching for two years to find one I liked that was affordable and was thrilled to find that I could have it in so many styles. I am home-educating my daughter using the Montessori method (with adaptations to suit her!) and cursive suits her better, but that means that free materials available on the web, as well as commercially made books and items are not practical for me to use with her. Now I have your font I can custom make things to suit us. Straight away I made handwriting sheets for the letters we are learning this week. I put a large outline letter at the top, then two rows of arrowed dotted letters then two rows of normal dotted letters, followed by a page of words with the new letters in in black line, then dotted for her to copy. We haven't worked with them yet but I'm confident they will work really well as they are simple and non-distracting with no pics. I also went through the early readers that I have made on publisher and changed the font to yours so all the materials match. Once again, big thanks.
Jenni Williams

The downloading and installation of the font went very well. I was amazed how easy it was. For years I've struggled to provide word cards to use alongside the children's reading books, using the handwriting scheme used in our local school, as I hadn't the correct font on my computer to replicate the handwriting scheme. As a result I've had to use a combination of fonts, which has been both time consuming and not as effective. In the past I have researched this on the computer without success and, after a discussion with an Early Years Professional, decided to try to solve the problem again. Your website was the first one I came across and I solved my problem within minutes. Making word cards, letters pairs games and a magnetic alphabet are just a few of the things that will be much less time consuming, helping me to provide the children with an easier transition to reading at school.
Patricia D.

I found the process of ordering and installing the fonts very simple, the instructions were perfectly clear and user friendly. Once installed I used them immediately for some classroom displays and writing practice sheets. I prefer to design my own materials and tailor them to the needs of individual children and this will now be much easier using your fonts. Thank you for your excellent service.
Karen Clarke

I had a lovely experience of buying and using the super CCW font. It was pretty straightforward and easy, didn't take long at all! To be honest it's not just me who bought it all my work colleagues have got it too, and we all find it so child friendly and clear. It has solved all the problems and made our lives much easier, the children find it lot easier to copy and read the CCW font, so thank you very much for that!
Madeeha Khan

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the interest you are showing. It shows you care and makes me feel like a customer and not a number (which is what a lot of us often feel like nowadays).

As a 'basic' computer user, I found the download and installation fine and all went to plan. It took me a few minutes to work out clicking on the 'add on' to get the correct tool bar.

I typed out some letters yesterday and my little boy enjoyed going over them in pencil ie aaaaaa joined up. I can also type words he is interested in ie shark and dinosaur etc and in different colours which all appeals to kids. I will also let my son type some words out using it as the more you see it the more familiar he will become with it. It's early days and I am sure there will be other things I will be doing which I will let you know of.

I think it's a great idea and will help my son a lot. I can also use it for my daughter when she starts to write. A great product which I am really pleased I bought. Thanks also for your help on the phone.


Have had your fonts for a wee while now and absolutely love them. I am a TA and use them all over our classroom now when I make display resources. Also use it when I make resources for others. They have all asked where I got it from. I only discovered you by using google as I wanted something affordable to make stuff with. I have produced some handwriting sheets, similar in style to others available, but they look so much more like natural handwriting. They have gone down really well in our nursery/reception unit.

Rosemary - Primary Classroom Stuff

I found your site while searching the Internet for (free) worksheets on cursive writing. Our family just moved and our two children have started at a new school. So we shifted from the print letters that are taught in our previous schools to cursive writing from the start, plus this school is appr. two school years ahead of what our children came from, ie our youngest had not been taught reading or writing yet and started year 2 at this school. Thus he in particular needs to practise writing a lot, and since I myself don't know the standard English cursive writing formats, I needed pre-made worksheets for that! However, a lot of the ones I found were in other cursive styles, or didn't practise the letters that our boy was doing in school (but a lot of other letters or text). So when I found this and thought the price was reasonable enough (I would have paid that for a practice book for him), I paid and downloaded without problem and found the pdf file explaining how to use it very helpful. So I'm a happy customer as I can customize practice sheets for my boy! Last week he started with letter a, c, o, d, g and q. We'll se what it'll be this week - I'll be able to help from home now!

Another super-advantage is that I can make practice texts including his own name!

K.J., Parent

I am delighted with my recent purchase. The website was easy to navigate and I was particularly impressed by the fact that within a very short space of time I had bought, installed and was using the new font.

I am using the font primarily to make phonics resources, but it will be ideal for any text based resources, labels etc. I need to make for school. I also like the fact that the variations will allow me to make my own handwriting sheets.

Finally, as a student teacher, I found these fonts to be extemely affordable. I had considered an alternative font, but it was ridiculously expensive and offered fewer options.

I will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues.

G.M., Student Teacher