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What we offer

How to choose your handwriting fonts

We offer two different types of font package - unjoined font packs and Joinit for fully joined handwriting. This page will help you to choose which package will best meet your needs. With our fonts you will be able to create your own handwriting worksheets and classroom resources using your computer in your own school's handwriting style.

Unjoined font packs

Each unjoined font pack consists of five handwriting fonts: standard, dotted, lined, outline and arrow styles, all with the same basic letter shapes. You can choose from precursive style letters (with no lead-in stokes) and cursive letters (each lower-case letter has a lead-in from the line). These fonts are designed for the early separate-letters stage - they do not join up.

Once the fonts have been installed on your computer you can simply select them from the dropdown font menu in any programme which uses fonts, just as you would select "Arial" or "Comic Sans".

The unjoined fonts are TrueType (.ttf) fonts which will work on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and in any software which uses fonts.

Precursive unjoined fonts
(no lead-ins)

Cursive unjoined fonts
(with lead-ins)

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Joined up handwriting packages

It is not possible to produce fully joined text in UK school styles with a basic font alone. This is because the joins between the letters depend on the context. For example, in the word 'cat', the 't' will have a lead-in from the line, from where the 'a' finishes, but in the word 'cot', the 't' will need a lead-in from higher up, from where the 'o' finishes.

To achieve the correct joins we use a template which works in Microsoft Word. The template contains the Joinit toolbar which runs a macro (a small program) to enable users to create fully joined text in three styles - solid, dotted and lined. You buy the letter style you want, so there are no fiddly options to remember or set up.

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Minimum system requirements for all the Joinit packages: Windows XP or later and Microsoft Word (must be full version of Microsoft Office, Joinit will not work with Office Starter Edition). Joinit will also work on a Mac if you have Microsoft Office 2004 or 2011 (but will not work with Office 2008 for Mac)